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JP Building

The JP Building is an old blacksmith workshop located in a conservation area in Cornwall, England. Due to the unaffordability of London many of the graduates from the Art and Design courses at Falmouth

University have set up their first studios in the area. With encouragement from the local art community, Becoming X have been developing a business model for an incubator for young artists and designers, where half of the site will be rented out as studios and a gallery space and the other half will be a retirement home for the owners of the site.


The project was developed around the notion of re-opening the existing, although long forgotten public thoroughfare that divides the site into part industrial and part residential – all interconnected by new shared external spaces for the makers and residents. The design Takes inspiration from the surrounding, medieval town of Penryn where opes (traditional Cornish alleyways) were formed by local trade and were established as rights of access within the town. ‘Burgage strip plots’  still define Penryn’s urban form and the nature of its streets, opes and open spaces.

Status: Pre Planning

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