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Occupy. Adapt. Enjoy.

The current regulations leave many council owned spaces unoccupied.

It is a strange contradiction because London is full of unloved spaces that are left unused, when there is high demand and not enough supply of affordable work/live space.


Becoming X have used a former youth club, built in the 1960s and located in South East London as a prototype for a model of an affordable space to be used by start up businesses, building on the principles of space occupation set up by Guardian Schemes.


The Youth Club shut its doors for the last time in 2010, as the demand for afterschool activities lowered with the demolition of the nearby Ferrier Estate. Becoming X took residency of the empty spaces in the formed youth club in the autumn of 2016. The generous spaces were refurbished and divided with a minimal budget using inexpensive materials and experimenting with foil insulation as a frugal method of improving the performance of the single-glazed façade.

Status: Live Project

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