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Troll Path

The Troll Path, a community outdoor improvement project initiated by the women’s collective, part of Tistedalen TTIF. They have overseen the improvement of a hiking trail around a small lake 15 km from the post-industrial town of Halden, Norway.

The first part of the project involved volunteers painting around 70 trolls lurking in the woods during the summer months of 2016. The Troll Path has, in a short amount of time, become a popular tourist destination, bringing new business to the town and being featured in international tourist guides.

Becoming X is collaborating with TIFF to erect a bridge that will be the final point of the Troll Path and a new pontoon for the children to play with miniature motorboats that will be available in the cabin.

The motorboats are made by Becoming X to replicate the original tourist boats that went along the Halden watercourse before it was contaminated during the regions industrial heyday.

Status: Planning

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